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Do you own a website? Do you program and edit the pages? I invite you to read this post about the Webmaster profession. I hope my tips will help!

A Webmaster is the person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. In French : Webmestre

A Webmaster is the person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. In French : Webmestre

Website edition

Graduated from College in 1997, I adopted the job of site editor. At the time, this position was in great demand with the arrival of the Internet in Quebec homes. Enterprises were looking for professionals to build their first website. The choice of the employer was wide. I acquired my experience with the development of the digital technology.

I worked in the Montreal event industry for the company Admission Network, now Live NationTicketmaster. Gradually, for more than 18 years, I learned of each new application, of each social media platform creation and marketing tool.


The evolution of digital tools

Today, the appearance of algorithms customize the display of websites according to the tastes of visitors. The management tools are sophisticated, and platforms lighten the editing tasks. Many companies no longer require a full-time webmaster position without adding side tasks, like the community management, or the marketing. That explains why webmasters are versatile and flexible, always helping other departments.

In 2016, I made a change in my career and started as a freelancer to continue my profession.


Marketing Web Creation is an agency helping site owners with expert website management and SEO techniques to optimize your site.

Marketing Web Creation is an agency helping site owners with expert website management and SEO techniques to optimize your site.

Webmaster tips

Without giving you the complete recipe of success, here are some tips to edit your site. Regardless of your environment, your professional domain, or your audience, a site must follow the same rules to be used and understood by the population. As we often must explain, we don’t make a site for ourselves, but for visitors. It’s important sometimes to forget the design and opt for a neutral and classic layout for a better comprehension, or to adjust to the search engine’s tools to make sure your site will be visible during web searches.

Words of order in the 2019 web conception trends: simplicity, logic, and verification.

Daily managing actions

It’s important to visit and test your site. An organized and structured website only requires few minutes of daily management. This task that can be done by oneself or transferred to a webmaster service. In fact, a site with active programming will be more likely to be displayed in the search tool results.  

It’s also by putting you in the place of your customers, during your investigation, that you will discover how to improve each page. Don’t hesitate to adjust and update the information, create your policies, use titles and guides to make the content clearer, and try to find ways to prevent questions from visitors. This is how your site will become, over the time, effective and respected by your customers, who will be able to use it without supervision. 

The verification and testing

Usually, your site is the first glance at your business. It’s associated to your reputation. Don’t let the clients blame you for your mistakes and check yourself first. 

For a visitor, a site must be functional, in order, with clickable links leading to the right pages, and with truthful and verified information. Keep in mind that a technical error on your site can be a new sale for a competitor. This is the spontaneity of digital commerce. No one likes to waste time because of an error, an erroneous link, or a page that takes forever to download. Forever in digital means more than 3 seconds.

The administration

A webmaster must always be connected to customer service and public opinion when it concerns the site’s company. It’s important to read the customer questions, comments, and critics of the digital tools, because they can be the result of a technical error, or a misconstrued page. Resolving a problem for a client can help many others. This way you can avoid a lot of emails and responses.

Remember that Internet users want the liberty to do things by themselves, at any time of the day, and night, on a trusted site. If you learn to work with precision and organize your digital tools, you will have the best customers in town! 


I invite you to revisit your site, on all devices (screen, tablet and mobile) and improve it. You can ask yourself the following questions: Is your site up to date? Do there are wastes of time when you feel turning around to find some information? Do you like the reading pace or there are too many instructions or details that make you lose momentum? Do product searches give too many choices, or some topics can be regrouped to facilitate searches?

One thing is sure, you must make the visitors’ life easy, if you want them to use your service or buy your products. I know, the digital world is rude, cruel and ruthless, but so enjoyable when everything works perfectly.

I wish you good luck in the publishing of your site. And of course, contact me for more information. Are we working together soon?

Jeff Maheux

How to become a better webmaster