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Are you thinking of becoming a Social Media Manager? Or are you about to launch your first professional page? Take a moment to read this post!

November 2018 * Updated January 2019

November 2018 * Updated January 2019

We often forget the primal function and the reason for existence of social media, which is to show our social participation in the society, in a group, or to an event.

Whether the account is operated for an individual, represents a team, a foundation, or a company, the 2019 trends in community management bring us back to the basic, by presenting the human side of businesses, active locally and socially, and promoting healthy habits, family values, and strong independent identity for their employees. We are far from the sale banners of the 2000s year. 

One thing is sure, active people in social platforms don’t want to see direct advertisements anymore, opting for an email list to receive these messages now.

When managing a professional page, socials can present the interests, the activities and events, the staff and clients and projects of the company, to combine emotions to the products and services, so the public can relate to them. The point is to create bonds with readers, who will visit the web site, and hopefully will buy.

A great content direction and a regular presence will only benefit your business, your reputation, and generally the internal participation from every level of your company. 


Choice of media

There are many social platforms, applications, and specialized agencies, and it’s sometimes difficult to choose the appropriate media for our product or service. We must think about a strategy and save a budget before starting the organization of a new media. Try to figure out the needs of texts, photos and videos, and reserve extra time for attempts and mistakes… Begin with one social media and when you’ll get use to it, think about adding a second one…   

If you don’t know which social platform to start with, ask for some professional advice. A specialized service will suggest the media to use for your enterprise and will find out how to manage the communication flow. Remember that doing business social networking is a mid-term to long-term investment. Don’t just look at the direct sales, but also to the whole story of a client.


Tips for community managers

Are you popular?

Starting an account is not easy. Once created and shared to your friends, family and clients, the numbers of new members will eventually slow down, and it is perfectly fine. In fact, what is not normal is to worry too much about your fan statistics. Just concentrate on your present crowd and start local networking by looking for the business pages of the enterprises in your neighbourhood and start conversations, comments articles from other owners that have related products and services. Why not begin to write and share your articles or blog posts?

There are paying services promising to increase the number of fans and the popularity of your social accounts and publications. It can be costly to use the paid resources of social platforms. Also, many users are totally against these services, interpreting this as a kind of miss presentation for the customers. I suggest thinking about it carefully before paying for these kinds of services. Will this affect your reputation? What if your clients find out? Finally, do you really need 30,000 unknown people to read your post, or only a few local but promising fans? Of course, there are no wrong answers, it depends on your business goals.

Good content will help you to get the appropriate people to become member of your social accounts. Perhaps you could reinvest in the quality of your next publications.

Public image

A great community manager behaves on social media to satisfy an intercultural and international crowd. Don’t get emotionally involved. Check your action, verify the hashtags and the page you decide to follow. Your publications should never tarnish your brand and image.

Socials are reflecting your business identity. To present yourself, or your company, fill out the general information of your accounts, with professional content, contact details and hours of operation. And most of all, answer your fans and customers with respect, justice, and wisdom, meaning always polite, supportive, and paying close attention to all requests.

We advice, for the use of your cover pages and profile pictures, to be constant and edit the same branding on all your media. This will help visitors to recognize your brand. Make sure to use your concept on your website too. There is also a difference between a personal page and a professional page, so choose appropriate images for your professional account. Remember you also represent the staff, the clients, the contractors, and others. So present your products and services in a way that will make everyone happy.

Top 20 of 2018

Here is the Top 20 of the most popular social platforms and applications in Europe and Americas in 2018.

Again this year, Facebook leads with more than 2 billion active users, connecting at least once a month.

Facebook is usually the first social platform we recommend the new entrepreneurs to launch. It’s available in all languages, comes with guides and explanation tips, and allows several side services, like the e-commerce option, group discussions, reports and analysis, and way more. 

Using a professional Facebook page is a great training for every upcoming community manager.


1. Facebook

2. YouTube

3. WhatsApp

4. Facebook Messenger

5. WeChat

6. Instagram

7. Facebook Groups

8. Google Hangouts

9. TikTok

10. Viber

11. Reddit

12. Twitter

13. Snapchat

14. Skype

15. Dailymotion

16. Linkedin

17. Pinterest

18. Telegram

19. Line

20. Spotify


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In conclusion, I wish you have fun in managing your socials. Be yourself, be proud of what you do and present your business to the world! You can contact me for advice.


Jeff Maheux

Marketing blog in Montreal, Canada