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Do you manage a website and look for solutions to attract more visitors? Do the search engines list your company in the first pages of its results? If not, your site may need to adjust to the SEO techniques. Here’s an article to help you.

How to introduce SEO technics to your website

Search optimization

Referencing a website, often called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), will improve the ranking of your site in the results of search tools, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The point is to increase the attendance of the site.

If you investigate on the web, you will see the expression SEO associated with two very different methods. One managed by oneself and the other by paying services on the search tools. They, however, have the same goal, to increase the positioning of your site. Let’s look at both strategies:

Natural referencing

The natural referencing of a site is an organization of its technical elements to help the research tools understanding its meaning, and display the site during relevant searches.

Although this method is becoming a norm in the digital programming, it’s also a long-term investment and enables recurrent business opportunities.

The natural referencing is the customization of each page of a site, depending on its subject and its function. It costs nothing, but only to research your keywords, the terms used by your visitors to find your products and services, and to add these keywords to the texts and contents. Here are some examples to improve your site performance on the search engines:

  • Customizing the link of the page

  • Displaying titles with Feature 1, 2 and 3 headers format

  • Use the most popular keywords in your titles and top page information

  • Set the page description in the administrative settings and complete the SEO section

  • Use a description of each image and a corresponding file name or alternative text

  • Insertion of secondary keywords in the texts and slogans of the page

  • A minimum of 800 words in the content of your service and information pages, 1200 for articles and blog posts.

These methods have become indispensable in the referencing of a common website. Of course, the use of other marketing tools and paid advertisements will still be necessary to announce your business. SEO will help the ranking of your site, but don’t replace a publicity campaign. Also, you may want to review your SEO operations after a few weeks, like after two months, for adjustments. Renew the research of your keywords once a year.

Finally, stability is always paying off in the digital world. Find an SEO model that you will apply to all your pages. This will facilitate the reading for the search tools, without being a negative experience for your visitors. Remember, users prefer a reliable website than a perpetually changing site, asking for a learning adjustment on each visit.

Pay Per Click

PCP referencing (for Pay Per Click) is a targeted advertising placement. The Google Ad platform is the most popular tool. It presents the search results of paid advertisements in priority, according to the research of users. You pay for each click, instead of a fee for the print load.

PCP offers several methods to manage bills. You can choose a daily budget, or an auction mode, more active but more expensive. The cost depends on the popularity of the subject of your ad. Depending on the sectors, the rate varies from $0.35 to $3 per click. Since the prices vary from day to day, relying on the traffic of the searches, it’s important to check the campaigns by auction to avoid an astronomical billing. Note that you can impose a budget limit.


Search Engine Optimization techniques for websites, SEO.

Search Engine Optimization techniques for websites, SEO.

Page customization

Search tools don’t redirect all visitors to your homepage; it depends on the research done by users. It’s important to adjust your page description and keywords with their content. So, your contact page shouldn’t have the same keywords as your shopping page. 

Research of keywords

Before you start adjusting your site to the SEO techniques, find the keywords of each page by looking at the trends in your market and what your competitors are doing on the web. Study the search tools. Check out the popular research suggestions. Also, register your site to the search platforms.

You may also verify your site statistics to find out where your visitors are coming from, and thus influence your SEO.

Don’t expect a drastic change of attendance on your site after the SEO process. You have to analyze the results after a few weeks, up to two months.

Also, be honest and accurate when you write your business information. Avoid ambiguous phrases and choose the right terms, without spelling mistakes, to describe your products and services. 


Referencing Service

Many digital services specialize in website referencing. Now that you know more, ask for their detailed strategy. 

Referencing requires to describe all the technical aspects of a webpage and to improve the texts and the content with the introduction of the keywords. If you want to use a professional service, you can expect one to two hours per page minimum, with having to reformulate your content, if not included in your contract. This will give you an idea of the budget to plan for your site.

Finally, maybe not all the pages of your site need to be SEO adapted. Focus on what’s best for your business and what is worth investing.


I often have fun saying referencing is filling the empty spaces of a questionnaire. I hope you will introduce the techniques of SEO on your website and contact me for your referencing needs!  

I hope this article will help you, and thank you,


Jeff Maheux

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