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A change. A lot has happened since the last post. Lately, I follow an academic training in starting a business. I meet new entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations and we encourage ourselves in the development of our respective plans. I’m talking about all these changes in this post. Have a great time reading!

December 2018 - Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal

December 2018 - Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal

Early morning

The people in a business startup situation are dynamic. There are many and diversified opportunities. The timing is important and requires managing several projects in a variety of fields. Priorities can change according to the evolution of the day and the customer’s request. It can be easy to feel discouraged and you must remember that we’re only human! So, organization is a key.

Putting all the odds on my side, I’m eating healthily and don’t drink alcohol, I’m physically active and I get to bed early. I stopped distractions, such as ending the cable TV service and removing all mobile game applications. I do less shopping and save the money for my business. I also cut the cafe and restaurant getaways. I do networking on social media and during professional outings. I dedicate my evenings and weekends on the evolution of the project, concentrating the work day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the execution of contracts and the search of clients.


Hoping to increase the company’s revenues, I decided to take a startup training with the Montreal Association of Artists and Entrepreneurs (AARTEN). The course provides the management skills to create a business plan, including sales discourse, marketing strategies, market analysis, administrative policies and laws, financial projections, and more.

From private coaching to group classes, consulting AARTEN is a great way to find help in the launch of your business. Certificate of Professional Specialization (ASP 5264), allowing the eligibility for loans and scholarships.

Entrepreneurs training in Montreal

AARTEN is in downtown Montreal. It was founded in 2016 by Mr. Yves Agouri, CEO and Director.

The service is personalized. The team studies each project and will make sure future owner makes the best decisions.

Aware of the latest trends, using technology and providing additional resources, the training requires work at home and is realistic to the Entrepreneurial sector!

Mr. Yves Agouri - AARTEN CEO and Director

Mr. Yves Agouri - AARTEN CEO and Director

Jeff Maheux - Student AARTEN 2018

Jeff Maheux - Student AARTEN 2018

So, to my experience in marketing and digital sales, I will add the knowledge of starting an enterprise. I will have an actualized business plan in hands to improve the development of my enterprise and the search for financing.

I say bravo to all the staff of AARTEN, and I salute my classmates.

In collaboration with EDE-Entrepreneurs, AARTEN presents a unique opportunity to acquire the skills to start your business. Source:


My homework is to establish a survey on the use of digital tools, intended for entrepreneurs, freelancers, project and team supervisors and workers in communications, the media and the marketing. Duration of four minutes. Give your opinion and thank you.

Survey about professional digital tools management

New ideas

For the holidays, I invite you to discover and offer products of Quebec creators and entrepreneurs. Here are a few:

Atelier Baratin

A ready-to-wear line for men specializing in shirts, hoodies and pullovers. The warehouse/shop (by appointment) is on the Parthenais street. The site allows you to buy online. The general size of garments varying from XS to XL. Baratin also offers a tailor-made sewing service. The winter collection is filled with beautiful colours, warm and harmonious, and you will find new accessories. Created and designed in Montreal.

 Pictures credit: Rémy Savard photograph

Loukas Jeans

Specialty Jeans for men and women. Garment making is a family story for Loukas, using a machine since the age of 10! It offers a product of quality, durable, from the sizes 24 to 42. The website also includes an online store. Inspired, designed and manufactured in the Mile End, St.-Viateur Street.


NIL Apparel

Specialty t-shirts and organic cotton sweaters. Using quality cotton to create Unisex clothing. The style is original, and each item is made to last. Assembled and verified here in Montreal. Perfect for everyday activities, the collection is available via their site, in sizes XS to XXL. The Print service is also offered.

 Pictures credit: NIL Apparel   

MB Alpha Wear

Specialty men of all ages. MB is a lifestyle. The clothes are original and inspired by the Quebec roots, its climate and its nature. I shop through their website, and I follow their social media. Local manufacturing, offering size S to XXL. They also make sales, so subscribe to receive alerts.  

MB Alpha Wear is a Montreal designer

Picture credits: Mb Alpha Wear

So did you make your gifts list already? 

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New wheels

This fall, there was a design project beside the office. Intrigued and captivated, I couldn’t help but follow the installation of the new Caravan of Exeko. Their mission is to distribute books, notebooks and pencils to homeless and excluded people in the neighbourhoods.

Exeko is a social innovation organization


Founded in 2006, Exeko is an innovative social organization, based in Montreal. They use creativity (art and philosophy) for the social inclusion of people or in situations of or at risk of exclusion. Report (in French):

As part of the IdAction project, the new Caravan, launched October 17, 2018, was created by the interior designer/industrialist Axel Cohen. Axel is responsible for several innovative ideas since 2012 in hotels, restaurants, homes and outdoor facilities.

Thank you for putting action in the neighbourhood and long life to all the participants of Exeko.

Please visit the site of Exeko and give to the fundraising.

Axel Cohen designer/industrialist

Axel Cohen designer/industrialist


With the early arrival of winter, here is a tip of the old lady 😉

However, wool toques, scarves and mittens are easy to maintain. If necessary, and with other wool garments only, wash in cold water manually, or in the machine at the delicate cycle, with a little soap, and spread for free air drying.

Now it’s understood that we should no longer see dishevelled toque in the neighbourhood, right!

Have a great day!

Jeff Maheux