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This post is giving tips for your website, blog and social content planning. Did you think about everything? Here is an article to help you organize the digital content of your business tools and websites.

November 2018 * Updated February 2019 - Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal.

November 2018 * Updated February 2019 - Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal.

Content writing

Do you write the texts of your website? Do you create advertising campaigns and promotions for your services? So, as you’ve noticed, the content is vital. Publishing quality content, like an article about your products, will demonstrate your expertise. Writing about your profession also forces you to be aware of the actuality in your field.

Let’s look at the important steps to produce the material of your business digital tools.


The content of the word

The content of a word is defined by the meaning of the word. It’s important to use the right wording for your digital tools. Since restricted, texts must have the perfect vocabulary to captivate and inform the visitors in a short amount of time.  

It’s not always easy to choose a word or a sentence when the number of characters is limited, or the template doesn’t cooperate. By adding the legal terms and adapting the text to the search engines and the SEO techniques, it makes it harder. You can consult the service of a webmaster to help you.


The content of a text

The content of a text means the general interest of the text, the statement. On your digital tools and websites, the content of the text goes straight to the point, by order of importance of the subjects. A text with too much detail makes the reader lose attention.

Also, a photo is worth a thousand words. A visual support can add elements to a short, direct, but effective text. Keep your detailed articles for your blog. Use a concise writing style for your website, the description of your products and services, and the general information sections. And finally, let’s have a little fun with the content of your socials!


The content of a webpage

The latest SEO standard requires web pages of more than 800 words to be recognized by the search tools (Google, Yahoo, etc.), and 1200 words for blog posts and articles.

Take the opportunity to input comments and reviews on your products and services descriptions. You can use the “Read more” function to hide apparent texts. Adding a related post of your blog to a product or a service section is another way to reach the number of words required. Think about adding content with information to help the visitor and reduce email exchanges and customer service management on your side. 

It’s sometimes hard to compose and not have the possibility to be read by someone else before publish. One of my tricks is to read my text aloud, like a TV Host. You will have a new perception of your text and easily spot repetitive words or redundant elements to cut off.

The basic content of your digital tools 

When you have the responsibility of a business, you need to manage and share the general and legal information to the public. Your website, socials and apps must also present this information to look professional. This content must always be updated! The basic and legal content must appear on your site from the very first day of the release.

On your website, both your visitors and the search engines need to understand the purpose of your business in seconds. Adjust the content to SEO techniques, mention the legal terms, and make sure the products and the service description of your enterprise are on the important pages of your site. Use the same vocabulary of your audience. Review the administrative information pages and update the changes quickly.  

Before starting to write the content of your site, to establish your digital identity, it’s important to know the targeted audience of your company, your mission and vision, and the vocabulary used in your field. Writing the texts of your presentation pages, or the mission and vision of your firm, will depend on your market research, the SEO #keywords of your business, and a look at the sites of your competitors. It’s essential to know your products and services, but also to have a global perspective of their situation in the industry. By comparing your establishment to others, you will find what makes yours different and unique. It’s the best way to show your originality.

Finally, make sure the general and legal information appears on all devices, meaning computer, pad and mobile.  

The basic mentions

When discovering a new site, we generally expect to see the following pages: a homepage; an about page with the mission, the vision or the values of the company; a page with the legal terms and user conditions, policies and privacy; a page with the contact information; and a section of your products and services.

It’s the same for your social accounts. Think about completing your business general and administrative information and make sure these sections are up to date. With a professional profile, every space available on a page can result as a sell. Don’t hesitate to add texts, images and video wherever it’s possible. For example, publish a text with your Facebook profile picture presenting your business information and a link to your website. This could become a visit for everyone clicking on it, even if they did it by mistake.


The entertainment of the customers

Once you have edited the basic information of your digital tools, you can focus on the extra content of entertainment. Choose tailored material for your audience. It must be dedicated to your clients, not your personal stuff. 

We use the entertaining content to encourage knowing more about your products and services, and your business routine. It’s content to share on your socials and mailing. Examples include fundraising campaigns, activities and events of the company, participation in local activities, presentations of partners, customers, friends and related services, the funny video of the week, etc.

Don’t include your ads, products and administrative information in your entertaining content. The goal is to entertain your clients, like the magazines in a waiting room, or the outside ornaments of a local store. Generally, we recommend publishing 30% of basic content and 70% of entertaining content on your socials.

Entertaining can be informative, funny, instructive, motivating, and way more…


We must keep the content of our digital tools simple

Annual Schedule

Consider planning an annual schedule of your publications. Identify the material to produced so with an overview, you can save time. Deciding a planning will aloud the production of several campaigns at once in less costs. In addition, the schedule is repeated for years and you can keep an eye on the specials if you have things to buy.

Here are some suggestions of posts to add to your planning schedule:

  • Foundation and anniversary dates of your company and its members

  • The International/World days related to your products and services

  • Holiday periods (New Year's Day, Valentine's, Easter, Mothers Days, Fathers Day, national Holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

  • The first day of the Season

  • School periods: First day of school, Holidays and week’s off

  • The important events of your city or district (festival, activities, etc.)

An annual planning is a great way to release the pressure of your shoulders when you’re in a position of daily posting, like startup owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers.



Verified Content

No matter where it’s published, a customer, a fan or a member expects you to produce a clear, precise and truthful content on your digital tools. This becomes crucial when a visitor discovers your company, or your website, for the first time.

The basics of a good content are a coherent text, a visual or a video of quality, a proper layout, and functional links (article link, share link, source link, and signature link). 

Adapt you content

Whether you’re writing an article for a blog, a text to present a service on your site, or a message on a Facebook page, it’s important to adapt your content to each platform. The adapted composition can become repetitive, but worth it. 

Use sharing tools for your socials to save time and share the posts from your blog on the related platforms. 

Also, you can share video or post from other official accounts to lighten your writing task. I advise viewing the full video before sharing and check the copyrights. Remember a mention of credits, even if not necessary, is always appreciated and sometime shared by the owner. 

Images and video

Users of digital and social platforms are more attracted to messages with a visual or a video support. Here are some tips:

Try to minimize as possible the weight of the files, so it doesn’t affect the downloading time of the pages of your website.

If you’re adding texts on your images or your video, center the text so it won’t be cut when published on smaller devices or mobile.

Also, if you wish to use your pictures and video for targeted ad, limit the extent of the text to a maximum of 20% of the surface. Facebook Business, for example, don’t suggest oversized texts in the image, since associated to a poor user experience; stating images with too much text are less clicked. I got the same results for my campaigns, so confirming this fact.

By the way, my next post will be about the professional services of Facebook and the ad publisher tool Facebook Business. Check out my socials for its release! 



I hope this post will help you to plan and create quality content for your website, your socials and blog. The digital trends of content writing and inbound marketing are taking a big part of product manufacturing and service promotion in 2019. This movement is explained by the search engines, developing the technology of websites reading to present better content according to the search of their users.  

Update your writing software, email your translator contacts, and get ready before your competition does! I wish you a good time writing ;)

Finally, I invite you to read my post about the SEO techniques for your website. Better include the referencing method to your texts from the start of the composition.    

You can contact me for help and marketing advice for your digital content. Best!

Jeff Maheux

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