Services offered

Services chart


I edit the content of existing sites via your CMS. I build sites with Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and Shopify. I produce website’s content, images and campaigns. I am a professional webmaster since 1998.

Website design and management service

I program items on e-commerce websites and create e-mails. I write websites policies, conditions of use and privacy. I adapt websites to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technics. Daily websites performance analysis and client behavior studies. Edit and programming verification, testing and system updates.



I manage communities and customer service. I do research and writing on various subjects. I manage targeted ads and analyze the market. I manage professional Social Medias since 2005.

Community management services

I program events and shop products on social applications. I am doing market research and competition checkups. I write business presentation on social accounts, CV and folio. Experience in writing and managing several social accounts. Long background in arts, concerts and entertainment in Canada. Daily use of social business services and targeted advertisements.



Presentation of companies, products and services. Writing reports with photoshoot and production. Optimization according to the SEO techniques. I produce material and digital content since 1998.

Writing and translation services

I do verification and translation of texts and articles. I write the content and information of websites and social media. I specialize in the field of culture, entrepreneurship and digital commerce. I write articles about local business, products and services. I have been writing music and lyrics since the end of my adolescence. I use a text verification software and I contract professional services.