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While looking for new free gluten products, I came across Quebec’s FX Cosmetiques and their men skin range FX1. I contacted the team to verify the ingredients and since, I adopted the products, using them daily.  The products are now available on my online Boutique blog shop, at  Here is an article to present the team and the cosmetics.

FX1 cosmetics range for men

FX Cosmetiques – The company

Since 2015, this Quebec located company specializes in the men skin care production and distribution. The FX1 range offers soaps and creams for all skin types, from daily hydration to long-term protection, for men.


Isabelle and Manon, owners and alert entrepreneurs, have the mission to become a recognized brand in the category of men's skin care. Based on the principle of rolling over the global economy and sustainable development, their company offers intelligent products, not tested on animals and made in Eco friendly environments.

Made from 95 to 100% natural and local ingredients, the FX1 soaps and creams soothe and protect the skin and are easy to use. Without sulfate, they are specifically made for men to have healthy skin.

The products


Once a week, it is easy to use the peeling before taking a shower.  The way this peeling cream works, is by a simple application on the skin; avoiding the surrounding part of the eyes.  No need to massage but only wait 2 minutes so the acids of natural oils operate. Rinse your face while taking your shower to finalize the exfoliation.  This product is easy to use and without sent. Avoid the direct sun for 48 hours after use.

Peeling cream for men from FX1


Natural Olive oil soap

Natural Olive Oil soap for all types of skin

The 100% natural olive oil soap is a long last and economical product.  The soap requires 5 weeks to dry before leaving for sale.  This phosphate and paraben free soap* is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or problems such as psoriasis, eczema and itchy skin. 

Contains Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Sweet almond oil, and Calendula flower. 

Smells fresh and will leave your skin soft after just a simple use. 

*Note: Phosphate dries the skin and prevent hydration. Paraben is an antibacterial chemical preservative now linked to cancer.


Shower gel

Sport shower gel for men from FX1

The Sport shower gel is the new product of the FX1 range.  Its an all in one format. A great thing for gyms and it’s sent is sober, natural, fresh and masculine.  It is a great shampoo and even great for hair and bear, as it separates hairs easily. 

You will feel the softness and moisturizing effect on the skin after only one try.

You can get the advantage of ordering online 2 or 3 soaps and get a rebate on the total price.  Easy payment and free delivery at your door. 


Shaving Soap

Shaving soap and bruches Made in Quebec

The shaving soap has a very pleasant smell of mentee and eucalyptus and leaves the skin with a radiant and fresh complexion.  The ease of use and cleanliness of the container after several uses makes it a great purchase. It is a long-lasting, economical, and intelligent product.

The FX1 shaving brush, with a black plastic handle of 24 mm, helps to foam perfectly, and dries fast.


Anti-wrinkle cream

anti-wrinkles cream for men

They say to start using anti-wrinkle’s cream around 30. The FX1 cream gives an instant sensation of freshness.  To use after the shower. Here is how to use it: use your little finger to apply a very thin layer of cream on the skin at the bottom of the eye, from the inside towards the outside. Do this movement 2 more times and that's it.  Remember this is the place where the skin is the thinnest in our face; therefore sensitive. The cream is odorless.


Moisturizing cream

Moisturizing cream for men from FX1 - Cosmetics

This cream is dedicated to the men for it’s after shaved protective properties. One application in the morning, no exaggeration or surplus, to cover the face and neck, avoiding the eye areas, and you skin will feel fresh all day. The cream is odorless, and it does not leave a greasy residue.  You will forget about it after few seconds. It will leave you with a bright skin tone and healthy skin.



Even if we are men, I wish you can find great men skin products that will suit you and your lifestyle.  The ones I choose for my everyday routine are FX1, with natural ingredients, not tested on animals, Eco friendly, and made in Quebec.  Perfect for my #celiac lifestyle.  Best.

FX1 products are available at the Bloutique Blog Shop


Jeff Maheux, rep.


Cosmetics for men made in Quebec


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