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Once you send a request, you will receive a response with the submission concerning the service we can provide and the price suggested. Rendezvous availability and way to contact and exchange the administrative information will be discussed in order to access the tools needed to execute the service.


Once the service will be completed and tested, you will receive a confirmation with your client and check number. The contract billing will be attached.

Here is a contract billing example (available in French).


Popular submissions

Website design • Website management (CRM) • Social media management • Content management • Photography + Photoshop • Advertising conception • Promotion and special offers • Analytics and performance • Web search optimization (SEO) • Digital sales • Email production • PCI • Membership • Privacy and legal policies • Affiliation and monetarization • English and French writing and translation • Photo reformat

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  • Checks at: Jeff Maheux Entreprise, 2206A Oxford Avenue, Montreal (Quebec), H4A 2X8.

  • Interac payment at

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