October 8, 1990, at 4:30 pm! I'm 16! My birthday and very first work experience at the new local restaurant; backing up the intro line of my group interview: I might be the youngest in here, but I learn quick and I will become the fastest!



4 passions



  • Branding

  • Content direction

  • Advertisement


  • Programming

  • Legal and politics

  • Design

Client service

  • Sale process

  • New market

  • Membership


  • Direction

  • Supervision

  • Hire process


My professional experience

Marketing Web Creation

Since 2016

Foundation of the website and marketing design and management personal business.

Owner and coordinator. Offering marketing and website design and management services. The company was officially launched on March 3, 2018, via the website www.jeffmaheux.com.  The administrative office is located in Quebec city.


Réseau Admission - Ticketmaster Canada

1998 to 2016

Marketing Coordinator

 • Webmaster.  Lead role in the company from 2002 to 2016. Websites management of www.admission.com and www.ticketmaster.ca.  Texts, layout, and image quality verification, transaction process check up, and site testing.

Content management. Weekly planning of the websites layout, newsletter and special offers from small to enormous inventories, in both English and French. In the company, the monthly average of 1200 events was attracting 200,000 unique users and communicating with 237 000 fans in the Montreal area only.

CRM. Research and collection of artists information, biography, and touring dates, for the integration of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. In 2016, the CRM tool of 106,000 artists published event alerts of more than 400 venues across the country.  This number will only increase with time.

Social media maintenance. Daily writing, image production, and content research. Publications about the following categories: music, sports, arts and theaters, family events, festivals, and comedy. French and English.

Digital production. Image, advertisement, and content for the weekly newsletters, special offers, and promotional campaign, in both English and French. Daily email conception adapted to the last minute deals.

Comment system.  Integration of the Bazaarvoice tool; sending email to clients, after their event, and publishing their revised comments on the websites.  System adaptation to Canada and Quebec privacy laws.  Bazaarvoice is now responsible of 10% of the annual sales.

PCI-DSS compliance. Adaptation of the administrative rights of the Microflex system users to the PCI-DSS requirements for Admission Network, Billetech and Ticketmaster.  Studying the system and programming the parameters of more than 12,000 users, as restricted by the upcoming Canadian security and privacy laws.  Previously projected to last 4 years, the project was completed after 2 years only, allowing the company to gain 2 major and unsuspected clients. 

 • User programming function.  Creation of a duplicate function, stopping a procedure of 400 hours of manual programming for each new administrative employee.  Since 2013, this function saves a total of $35,000.00 in annual salary.

Legal verification.  Knowledge of the price and language laws in Quebec and Canada and legal responsibilities surrounding the sale, the advertisement, the marketing and the digital commerce.


Customer Service Coordinator – Complaint / resolution – Web          

Web customer service management of an average of 11 000 emails and questions.  I had a wonderful team and time, congrats to all!  We worked hard!

Policies and FAQ conception, updates and verification, in English and French.

Office document conception of prewritten answers, insuring the quality of the customer service, diminishing the time of response for the clients, and of course tripling the amount of work done from an employee.

Double purchase verification system, dropping from 80% the total of lost compiled by the fraud and lost department.

Event cancellation and refund policies and emails distribution.


Call center Supervision

Management of a customer service team of 12 assistant supervisors (service and cancellations) and 300 call center unionized agents (sales). Microflex and Ticketmaster systems.

Training, annual evaluation, and hire process.



Management of 120 outlets. Customer service, system support and updates, and sending information about upcoming events and administrative policies.